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Hodler loses $ 242 million worth of bitcoins

Many crypto fans appreciate crypto currencies such as Bitcoin mainly because of the decentralization and freedom of all regulations. A current example of a German programmer in the USA shows that the latter can also be a disadvantage for users.

Actually, Stefan Thomas had done everything right when he received several thousand Bitcoins from a Hodler in 2011 and has not sold them to this day

According to reports from the New York Times , he has 7,002 Bitcoin worth approximately $ 242,380,000 as of 1/13/2021. He saved the password of his wallet on a hard drive called IronKey and wrote it down on a piece of paper for security. But he can no longer find this piece of paper.

Without access to the wallet, the bitcoins are worthless to him. IronKey users have a total of ten attempts to enter the correct password until the hard drive is locked and the Bitcoin Code are lost forever. Thomas has already tried his luck eight times – but without success.

I just lie in bed and think about it. Then I go to the computer with a new strategy, it doesn’t work and I’m desperate again.

The manufacturer of the hard disk could not help the programmer with his password search either. Finally, Thomas decided to get the computers with the lost bitcoins out of his field of vision, as seeing them constantly reminded him of his faux pas.

Thomas loss is not an isolated incident

Traditional banking customers do not automatically lose their assets by forgetting their password. The situation is different for users of a crypto wallet. Jan Bindig, CEO of the data recovery specialist Datarecovery, warned against this problem back in 2018:

If you lose or forget your password, you have automatically lost all of your Bitcoins.

Despite these warnings, users seem to make the same mistake over and over again. So did a Los Angeles-based entrepreneur. He also forgot his password and lost thousands of bitcoins in this way. He told Brad Yasar newspaper that over the years he would have spent hundreds of hours getting back into his wallet.

According to Chainalysis , a fifth of the existing 18.5 million Bitcoins have already been lost in this way. 3.7 million Bitcoin would have simply vanished into thin air.

Bitcoin sets new all-time highs again – further increases could be imminent

Bitcoin and the aggregate cryptocurrency market are in another uptrend, with the bulls retaining full control of the market.

This uptrend follows an intense sell-off last night – the result of incredibly high funding rates on margin trading platforms.

The downward movement reset these funding rates and cleared out “late longs” – which laid the foundation for an upward movement.

An analyst said in a tweet that this surge was due to a spate of OTC purchases

This is a bullish sign because it suggests that large buyers are still buying Bitcoin – despite its relatively high prices.

Bitcoin and the aggregated cryptocurrency market are caught in the clutches of yet another uptrend, with Bitcoin rising above $ 40,000 as the rest of the market follows closely on its heels.

This intense boom is simply an extension of the momentum Bitcoin Lifestyle has seen over the past few weeks and months – and comes as a combination of retail investor money and institutional capital pouring into the markets.

An on-chain analyst comments that OTC activity has been just before the $ 40,000 mark recently and could indicate that another spike is imminent.

Bitcoin tops $ 40,000, upward trend continues

At the time of writing, Bitcoin (To Buy Bitcoin at Plus 500 Instructions) is trading at just under 3% up at its current price of $ 40,500. This is roughly the price it has been trading at all morning.

It rose briefly to $ 42,000 before facing some selling pressures that hampered its growth and caused a regression to $ 39,000.

It has since rebounded from that lows and is showing some immense signs of strength as the bulls try to push it back towards $ 41,000.

On-chain analyst: This triggered the recent surge in BTC

An on-chain analyst wrote in a tweet that Bitcoin’s recent spike came just days after a massive surge in over-the-counter buying activity.

He notes that these investors are currently up 24% on their BTC investments.

“When we look at the recent Coinbase outflows, possibly OTC trades, I think we can estimate their PNL. BTC is up 24% since Jan 2nd. If you were institutional investors, would you be satisfied with 24% PNL for Bitcoin? „