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Hodler loses $ 242 million worth of bitcoins

Many crypto fans appreciate crypto currencies such as Bitcoin mainly because of the decentralization and freedom of all regulations. A current example of a German programmer in the USA shows that the latter can also be a disadvantage for users. Actually, Stefan Thomas had done everything right when he received several thousand Bitcoins from a […]

Bitcoin sets new all-time highs again – further increases could be imminent

Bitcoin and the aggregate cryptocurrency market are in another uptrend, with the bulls retaining full control of the market. This uptrend follows an intense sell-off last night – the result of incredibly high funding rates on margin trading platforms. The downward movement reset these funding rates and cleared out “late longs” – which laid the […]

Byki BTC wycelują w 18 000 $: czy obecny trend spadkowy może wkrótce się odwrócić?

Wczoraj wieczorem cena BTC znacznie spadła do 17 700 USD, gdy byki pozornie straciły kontrolę nad kursem ceny monety. Jednak para BTCUSD odbiła się z powrotem w kierunku 18.400 $ po spadku do tych minimów Odbicie nastąpiło po upartej wiadomości, że amerykańska firma ubezpieczeniowa MassMutual Life Insurance kupiła fizyczne BTC o wartości 100 milionów dolarów. […]

Hyperbitcoinization – is the turning point around the corner?

For bitcoin maximalists, hyperbitcoinization is the end game. Only when BTC has completely displaced fiat money can one speak of success, according to the bullish stance of Bitcoiners. What to Know About Hyperbitcoinization. “Bitcoin wins when all other currencies fail”, writes Bitcoin influencer ObiWan Kenobit in his much-cited medium article “ Hyperbitcoinization: Winner Takes All“. […]

Gereguleerde Bitcoin Exchanges Goed voor DEA: Special Agent

Agent Patrick O’Kain bespreekt de BitMEX-kosten, de naleving van de crypto-uitwisseling en meer tijdens de LA Blockchain Summit. US DEA Special Agent Patrick O’Kain werd geïnterviewd tijdens de LA Blockchain Summit. Hij sprak over onderwerpen als de BitMEX-kosten en compliance van crypto-uitwisselingen. O’Kain suggereerde dat elke vorm van US crypto verbod schadelijk zou kunnen zijn […]